Hokkaido is known to have an economy backed by agriculture.  One of their most prominent products is milk.  Hokkaido milk is a popular ingredient in products such as candy, chocolate, and pudding.  This is likely due to the fact that the milk is extremely silky and has a pungent taste that goes well in sweets.  I still can’t get over how smooth I found the milk to be and to make matters more interesting, I came across an ice cream shop in Tokyo that sells soft-serve Hokkaido milk ice cream!


Shiroichi basically puts Hokkaido milk into the ice cream machine and squeezes it out when it’s chilled.  The menu has 5 items: ice cream in a waffle for take-out (250 yen), ice cream in a waffle which is bigger than the take-out size (380 yen), ice cream on a cone (380 yen), ice cream in chilled coffee (460 yen), and ice cream in Hokkaido milk (460 yen).


Those who’ve read my post on Binggrae Macchiato probably guessed which one I chose already.  I couldn’t stop imagining what the combination of coffee would taste like with the Hokkaido milk ice cream.  When I got my treat, I first tasted the ice cream.  I expected a creamy texture but what I got was something totally different.  It was similar to a sorbet and had a strong milky taste, so my taste buds were incredibly confused as they were accustomed to creamy vanilla soft-serve.  The ice cream seemed to have a crisp, icy texture while it melted in your mouth to give you a smooth, milky consistency.


Next I drank the coffee only to be wowed by the taste.  They used Sumiyaki coffee which is Japanese charcoal coffee so it was very aromatic.  The best part came when I spooned the ice cream and coffee together and placed it in my mouth.  Let’s just say if I had everyday access to Hokkaido milk, I would freeze it and put it in my coffee to make iced coffee.  The two complemented each other so well!

Now you might be wondering how the Hokkaido milk and ice cream float tastes.  I can tell you that if you love milk, it’s truly double the fun with this treat.  Because the milk itself is extremely smooth, the contrasting texture of the ice cream makes it really enjoyable.


At that point, I indulged in more than I could ask for.  This place is a must visit for anyone in Tokyo.  They provide an address on their website and it’s within walking distance from Shibuya station.  Have fun!