I admit it.  I’m a sucker for food advertisements.  Especially when they look mouth-watering and reveal something different or new that I’ve yet to try.  Hong Kong is one of those places that are plastered with ads and salespeople handing out flyers.  Its dense environment makes it easy to bombard people but at the same time makes their heads spin because of the influx of choices.  So what do you get when you put me in Hong Kong in front of a mouth-watering Pizza Hut ad?  A trip to Pizza Hut.


For the record, that was no ordinary ad.  It was an ad for their new Tapas pizza and to my defense, it was a limited time offer.  Okay so I may be rationalizing the fact that I was suckered in, but I live to eat and won’t give up this opportunity to try something new.  A warning though, if you think little cooked octopus on pizza is gag-inducing, this post may not be for you.  On the menu is a full course meal for two featuring a spinach and chicken puff pastry appetizer, soup, a Tapas pizza, lemon iced tea, and ice cream for dessert priced at $226 HKD.

One major difference between Pizza Hut in Canada and Pizza Hut in Hong Kong is the décor, atmosphere, and service.  Pizza Hut in Hong Kong is closer to feeling like fine dining in Canada, minus the wardrobe.  Pizza Hut in Canada feels more like a family fun outing where screaming kids have birthday parties.

The first item that came after the soup was the appetizer.  They were fresh out of the oven so the flakey shell was crisp and the cheese was moist.  I also enjoyed the salad dressing that was on the salad.  It was a little tangy and a little spicy.  This dish worked really well as an opener.


I guess Pizza Hut was inspired to dish out a Spanish flare for spring when deciding to introduce the Tapas pizza.  There’s actually a lot going on in this pizza.  For example, the crust has a unique shape that is filled with cheddar and mozzarella cheese and either baby octopus, shrimp, chicken or bacon.  No dipping sauce required here!


The toppings seemed more Spanish-inspired. There are black olives, peppers, calamari, sausage, and red onion over cheese and a basil sauce.  The best part of this pizza was that every bite had a good toppings-to-dough ratio.  Nothing beats a fresh pizza of this quality and I don’t feel one bit bad for being lured in by the ads.


If you enjoy eating on trips as much as I do, my best advice is just to keep your eyes open to see what the locals are munching on.  Don’t be hesitant to try a franchise like Pizza Hut if what they have on the menu is totally different than what you’re accustomed to seeing.