It’s that time of year again when people around me are dropping like flies.  As a result, the inspiration for this post spawned.  Fevers here, coughs there, runny noses in between.  No worries, I got your back.  Before we break out to a game of Mad Gab, let me decrypt the title.  King-to Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa is a hardly legible translated name for an awesome Chinese product that relieves anything you could think would go wrong with your throat.  Coughs, sores, loss of voice, you name it.  It’s not exactly medicine and perhaps for this reason it doesn’t have the same awful taste as Buckley’s, but it makes your throat happy without making you drowsy and has a pleasing herbal honey taste to go with it.  Some of you may already know this product.


They started mass producing this stuff in the 20th century but as with many Chinese formulas, the product dates back to the Qing Dynasty.  Found over-the-counter in a bunch of Chinese medicine shops as well as Asian supermarkets, this honey-like syrup is widely available.  Price hovers around $15 a bottle.  The ingredients in the bottle are mainly described as leaf, seed, flower, root, and peel.  It’s a natural remedy.  The only side effect you’d probably be concerned about is allergies, so check the label before you make a purchase.  When in doubt, don’t use it.  It’s also entirely safe for children.  Another thing is you don’t have to be sick to use this.  Lost your voice from screaming at a concert?  No problem, use this to get well.


To drink this, I usually put one tablespoon of the syrup in half a cup of hot water.  The method written on the box tells you to intake as you would with cough syrup.  But I like to mix it in hot water to create a soothing drink.  You should immediately feel relief in your throat.  Drink this 3 times a day and together with lots of fluids, you should have a better throat in no time.  Cheers!