Aside from the hostel, my second temporary home in Singapore would be the numerous hawker centres located across the city.  More specifically, it would be Bedok Food Centre since I stayed in Bedok.  One thing I noticed was that many of these food centres are located close to the MRT or bus stations, which proves to be very convenient for transit users.  Bedok Food Centre was located right next to both the Bedok MRT station and bus interchange.  The perfect location each time I headed out.

Since it was a convenient for me and there were lots of things to eat, I’ve probably spent half my time in Singapore pigging out of this joint.  From laksa and curry rice to sugar cane drinks and desserts, I became a regular customer to these vendors.  My main motivation was to try what the locals were eating, discover new food, and get a feel for what I like and don’t.  I came out with two memorable items: laksa and durian cendol.

Each vendor essentially sells a few items and many offer different foods from one another.  Having said that, I don’t recall the name of the places I bought the laksa or durian cendol from, but I can tell you there’s only about a couple who sell them.  The laksa was $3.50 SGD and the durian cendol was $2.50 SGD.  You can expect to see prices hover around that range.  What made the laksa memorable were the tangy soup and slippery texture of the noodles.   Topped with assorted shellfish, tofu, and veggies in a bowl of vibrant red soup and you have an appetizing, comforting bowl of hot noodles.  Just make sure you find some.


The durian cendol was basically a regular bowl of cendol topped with a durian puree.  This was a great dessert to be had after a bowl of hot noodles to cool off.  There is a crunch from the ice, glutinous bite from the beans, and smoothness from the green jelly that screams happiness in your mouth.  They have a regular version without durian but if you’re a durian lover, you’ll appreciate this dessert.  Enjoy!