Months ago, I headed out to grab a quick lunch and decided it would be a good idea to Google the area and find a new restaurant I’ve yet to try.  I picked Axia Restaurant & Bar in Mississauga.  This restaurant serves a variety of Asian cuisine – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malaysian, Singaporean, and Indonesian.  What appealed to me in particular were the photographs of the décor and the ‘Incedible’ lunch menus that they display on their website.  I just hope they don’t compromise quality by offering variety.


Everything seems bigger to me in Mississauga – roads, distances between traffic lights, malls, etc.  This restaurant is no different.  The inside looks just as big as I would imagine from the outside.  Axia has an open concept that is common in most Asian restaurants but they add a lot of detail to the décor that makes it feel like I’ve entered something special.  For example, I love the wooden beams.  The place is clean, spacious, and the large windows make the environment nice and bright for my weekday lunch.

I ordered the chirashi sushi from their ‘Incredible $10.88’ lunch menu thinking it would be appropriate for a quick lunch.  Including our table, there was only one other table that was occupied by customers.  I haven’t been back since to know how the crowd stands today, but seeing they have a fair amount of reviews on Urbanspoon, they’ve probably raked in steady waves of customers.  The chirashi was beautifully made and the fish tasted fresh which is my main concern when eating raw seafood.  They also gave a decent amount of fish.


Overall, I enjoyed my lunch and the atmosphere of this restaurant.  I’m still a little iffy about whether offering so many different types of cuisine would take away the quality of the food, let alone authenticity which I could care less about in restaurants like these as long as the food is good and they’re creative with it.  (Though if you specialize in a type of cuisine I expect authenticity, creativity, AND taste to be exceptional).  So maybe I need a second run to make a valid point?

Axia Restaurant & Bar
5045 Plantation Place
Mississauga, ON L5M 6J3
(905) 608-2942

Axia Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon