Need a dim sum fix but don’t have time to eat out?  Asian Pantry will solve that problem.  It’s always nice to go out for a dim sum meal with friends or the fam, but on days where you just want a delicious shrimp dumpling, life would be so much better if you could pull it out of your back pocket, or fridge for that matter.  Normally I endure that craving until the next dim sum outing because of the poor selections from the supermarket, but after having found Asian Pantry products, I can last longer without a trip to the restaurants.


Asian Pantry is a brand that makes all sorts of dumplings that you would normally find at a dim sum restaurant.  There is the popular shrimp dumpling (har gow) and pork dumpling (siu mai) and other veggie or meat dumplings.  What makes these so great is they taste very similar to the kinds you find at restaurants, if not better.  The size of the dumpling is as large as I’ve ever seen from the grocery store and the quality is on par with those served at restaurants.  Let’s just say the shrimp and meat are ‘bouncy’, not pasty, and moist, not dry, and are a product of Canada.


All I have to say is you must try some for yourself.  They can be found at most Asian supermarkets in Toronto, possibly nationwide. On sale, they are priced at 3 for $10 and you get 8 in each package.  Sometimes, I even found 3 for $8.88.  That’s 24 large, yummy dumplings for less than $10, which may not be the cheapest, but definitely worth it.  Just make sure you save some for me.  Enjoy!